Monthly Archives: January 2005

iPhone mentioned in Apple’s Learning Centre

Whilst looking through Apple’s new sections of the .Mac Learning centre on iLife ’05 I noticed on the page about sending your movies to Bluetooth devices. In the tutorial video it clearly shows iPhone listed as one of the connected devices.
iPhone mentioned at Apple
Could this be the much rumoured new phone from Apple? What’s funny is a great big green arrow appears and points to it! It seems very obvious; could this be a mistake or an in-joke by Apple? Note: You may need .Mac membership to view this page.

Hello World!

Hello and welcome to my blog!

This is my first proper posting to my new blog. This is my first ever blog so there isn’t much here now, but I hope to keep up with regular entries.

My name is David Dewhurst. I am a graphic designer with an emphasis on web design and new media. This blog will cover news and views on new media developments in the North West of England. I will also also cover Internet sites of interest and other technology news and views from around the world. There will also be some posts on my web design work covering the techie aspects of CSS, Flash and HTML design.

One of my hobbies is photography, so i will also occasionally post some photos i have taken here as well.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the site.

You can take a look at my portfolio at, its constantly being expanded so check back soon.