Monthly Archives: May 2005

Doctor Who VoteVote! Ballot

To help promote the campaign for electoral reform I have set up a VoteVote! Ballot where you can vote for your favourite Doctor from Doctor Who. It is a modified form of the Single Transferable Vote system. It’s a bit of fun but it will hopefully demonstrate some of the advantages of proportional representation and transferable vote systems. The recent elections in the UK have demonstrated the weaknesses of the first past the post system; now is the time for change. Go to Make My Vote Count and sign the petition.

Make My Vote Count!

Today I, along with probably only half the population, voted in the general election. Salford has been a Labour strong hold for decades. It is for this reason that if you hadn’t been watching the news you might not have even known there was an election on. No posters in windows, no cars with tanoys, no media scrums. All I got were three tiny leaflets through the post. Whatever your political views, the present system of voting means only people living in marginal constituencies have any real power. Visit Make My Vote Count – Sign the petition, and make a real difference on voting day…