Monthly Archives: February 2006

Sounds Amazing on BBC Click Online

Sounds Amazing is a website I have been designing for the University of Salford. Last week it was featured on Click Online on BBC News 24 and BBC World TV.

“One of the things I like best is finding a great educational site that brings a subject to life at the same time as achieving a fundamental academic goal. At Salford Acoustics Audio and Video you will find a fine example of what I am talking about.”

I only discovered it was featured when the stats for the site shot up to over a thousand visitors a day, so many in fact that the free counter I use stopped counting! It is great that the site is getting national interest and recognition, but it did surprise me that we didnt receive any warning that our bandwidth might get gobbled up by thousands of visitors. Luckily the servers at the University are more than capable of coping but a smaller site may not have been. I hope the people at Click Online do inform smaller sites if they are going to be featured so that they can at least try and cope with the extra demand it will receive.