Monthly Archives: May 2006

Glastonbury Panoramic Photography

I have been going to the Glastonbury music festival since 1997, and this year it’s taking a year off. To make up for this I have updated my Glastonbury Panoramic Photography web site and moved it to my .Mac server. This means I can update it more easily and it has a really impressive slideshow feature.

Glastonbury Festival

Believe it or not, all the pictures on the site were taken with disposable cameras. You used to be able to get a Kodak APS disposable camera with a panoramic setting which was great. However I cant find them anywhere anymore, so last year I had to use an ordinary format disposable camera. It looks like next time I will have to upgrade to a digital camera and start stitching photos together…

P.S. I saw Glastonbury the movie the other day and I was really impressed. If you’ve been to Glastonbury before I can definitely recommend this film.

The Cybermen Are Back!

I can’t wait for the return of the Cybermen to Doctor Who on BBC1 this Saturday night. This year’s series is turning out to be even better than the last so it should be good… I like the new design for the Cybermen but has anyone noticed the similarity with C3PO from Star Wars?
Cybermen and C3PO