Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings Success

Firstly a big thank you to everyone who has voted on the new updated site. We have received nearly two thousand hits in just over one month!

You can vote for every Doctor Who story broadcast (including the new series) and see the latest results updated live here.

In September the site will be ten years old and inspired by some of the feedback I have received, I will compile a chart showing how people’s views on various stories have evolved over the past ten years. To do this I will be using a great resource called the Wayback Machine which is an amazing archive of old websites. You can see part of the archived results for the Dynamic Rankings here.

As a taster here is the top ten from June 17th 1997
Position Average Story
1 8.65 Genesis of the Daleks
2 8.22 Remembrance of the Daleks
3 8.22 Talons of Weng-Chiang
4 8.16 The Caves of Androzani
5 8.09 The Deadly Assassin
6 8.07 Logopolis
7 8.05 City of Death
8 8.05 Pyramids of Mars
9 8.02 The Robots of Death
10 7.85 The Tomb of the Cybermen

Here is the top ten from 12th April 2005
Position Story Average Score
1 Genesis of the Daleks 8.51
2 Talons of Weng-Chiang 8.49
3 The Caves of Androzani 8.42
4 City of Death 8.26
5 Pyramids of Mars 8.2
6 The Unquiet Dead 8.18
7 The Robots of Death 8.17
8 The Deadly Assassin 8.1
9 Remembrance of the Daleks 8.06
10 Logopolis 7.94

Finally, I would just like to say how impressed I was with last weeks episode of Doctor Who ‘The Unquiet Dead’ not only was it one of my favourite episodes of Doctor Who, it is also the best piece of TV I have seen in years: fantastic! As of writing it is in a well deserved number six in the rankings.