Is Russell T Davies any good?

I love the new Doctor Who series. As you can see on my Dynamic Rankings site so do you. As of writing there are three episodes of the new series in the top ten, with The Empty Child reaching number five. Out of 170 episodes and counting that is pretty impressive. However when you look at just the new series episodes the average rating ranges from 8.3 for the Empty Child to 6.2 for World War Three which is quite a big range. Especially when you bear in mind that The Twin Dilemma (widely held as “The Worst Episode Ever!”) gets 4.1.

What is also interesting is that all the Russell T. Davies (RTD) penned episodes are at the bottom half of the results table, and all the other writers’ stories are at the top. RTD has been hailed as the saviour of Doctor Who, and I have to agree he has done a fantastic job of bringing back the series. He has steered the show in the right direction; bringing something new to the format whilst still allowing it to feel like Doctor Who. The problem is the stories he has written just aren’t up to the high standard set by the other guest authors. They are still good, and much better than anything else on TV, but it seems he is trying too hard to make them modern and funny at the expense of suspense and plot.

There are still two to go, so heres hoping they get better, although judging by the trailer I’m not holding my breath…