Glastonbury Panoramic Photography

I have been going to the Glastonbury music festival since 1997, and this year it’s taking a year off. To make up for this I have updated my Glastonbury Panoramic Photography web site and moved it to my .Mac server. This means I can update it more easily and it has a really impressive slideshow feature.

Glastonbury Festival

Believe it or not, all the pictures on the site were taken with disposable cameras. You used to be able to get a Kodak APS disposable camera with a panoramic setting which was great. However I cant find them anywhere anymore, so last year I had to use an ordinary format disposable camera. It looks like next time I will have to upgrade to a digital camera and start stitching photos together…

P.S. I saw Glastonbury the movie the other day and I was really impressed. If you’ve been to Glastonbury before I can definitely recommend this film.