No Carbon Monoxide Detectors at Southport ASDA

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Dear ADSA,

I recently went into your Southport branch looking for a Carbon Monoxide detector, and after asking several members of staff who weren’t even sure what one was I spoke to a member of staff in charge of the electronics department and he informed me that this branch does not stock them. It is only the largest branches that do. This I found very shocking. The branch in question is quite a large and modern supermarket with an electronics department with two types of smoke alarms for sale but no CO detectors. It is one thing to not supply the more expensive electronic detectors but to not even stock the small card detectors is just irresponsible. I think it would be inexcusable for a large supermarket to not stock fire alarms (which I am pleased to see that you do) so why does the same not apply for CO detectors. The terrible incidents in the news recently of families dying of CO poisoning brought this deadly danger to public attention, and seeing the detectors on the shelves of their local supermarket would have been enough for some people to buy and install them and potentially save lives. However at ASDA this is not possible. Please re-appraise the number of stores which stock CO detectors. They would only take up a very small amount of shelf space and cost the customer less than £5. Carbon Monoxide poisoning is deadly and undetectable without a CO detector. Your action now can help save lives.
I will be posting this information on my blog to alert people of the dangers of CO and of my surprise that such a large supermarket chain does not stock detectors at all of its branches. If would care to reply to me I would be happy to add your message to my blog as your right to reply.

Yours Sincerly,
David Dewhurst

ASDA’s Reply [Note that they got the place name wrong it was Southport not Southgate]

Dear Mr Dewhurst

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Having read your e-mail I contacted our buyer with your concerns has I also felt that these should be sold in our stores. She has confirm that these are sold in all of our stores but due to recent circumstances stock of these have sold very quickly, we are currently having difficulties receiving more stock from our suppliers as it is not just our company that they supplier and demand for these is very high. Our buyer has assured me that we are due to have more stock of these delivered beginning of next year and these will be divided amongst all of our stores.

Please accept my apologies that when you asked one of my colleagues in the Southgate store about these the correct information was not given, it could be because these are fairly new to the store and have sold very quickly they may not have been aware that they were sold. I have contacted the Home & Leisure manager to ensure all colleagues working on this department are aware of this situation.

If I can be of any further help with this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

ASDA Customer Relations