I’m [sic] of ASDA Customer Relations

Below is the reply I received from the customer relations department of ASDA (now a part of Wal-Mart). They were responding to my concern that Carbon Monoxide detectors were not sold in their stores. When I read it I was shocked at the number of grammatical errors. No one is prefect but, for customer relations, this is atrocious. They even managed to get the place name wrong; it was in fact the Southport branch and not Southgate. I have highlighted all the mistakes below. A total of 22 mistakes!

Dear Mr Dewhurst[,]

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

Having read your e-mail I contacted our buyer with your concerns has I also felt that these should be sold in our stores. She has confirm that these are sold in all of our stores but[,] due to recent circumstances[,] stock[s] of these have sold very quickly, we are currently having difficulties receiving more stock from our suppliers as it is not just our company that they supplier and demand for these is very high. Our buyer has assured me that we are due to have more stock of these delivered beginning of next year and these will be divided amongst all of our stores.

Please accept my apologies that[,] when you asked one of my colleagues in the Southgate store about these[,] the correct information was not given, it could be because these are fairly new to the store and have sold very quickly they may not have been aware that they were sold. I have contacted the Home & Leisure manager to ensure [that] all colleagues working on this department are aware of this situation.

If I can be of any further help with this matter please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

ASDA Customer Relations