Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings Update

I have just complete an update to the Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings website. You can now vote on Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures and other spin-offs such as the 60’s movies.In case you are not familiar with the site Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings is an ongoing survey of on-line fandom’s likes and dislikes.This site is fully dynamic, with every vote cast updating the results straight away. You can vote on every story; from An Unearthly Child to the latest broadcast this week.The Dynamic Rankings site has been going since 1995. With over 4000 voters and counting it is the worlds largest continuous Doctor Who survey.As a taster here are the latest top five Doctor Who stories:1 The Family of Blood2 The Empty Child3 The Doctor Dances4 Talons of Weng-Chiang5 The Girl in the FireplaceVisit the site and have your say.