Mac OS X Leopard Transparent Menu Bar Fix

So Mac OS X Leopard is out soon. It looks a good update, but allot of people have been complaining about the new transparent menu bar.Leopard Menu BarAs you can see it makes the menu bar less clear than before, and Im sure it could get annoying especially if you have poor eye sight or are using a laptop in a bright environment. So there are hacks and mods to fix it.But Wait! There is a much easier and safer option.Just download the wallpaper I have created and use that. Problem solved. It has a blank menu bar at the top which will show through and should cancel out the transparency. It is designed for 1440 x 900 screens so you will need to create your own if you have a differently sized screen. I have set the rest of the desktop to a professional (and boring) 25% grey. Feel free to change the grey to your favourite wallpaper in an image editing program. I don’t have Leopard yet so I haven’t been able to test my idea. Please let me know if it works.