Vote on the latest Torchwood season

You can now vote on Torchwood Children Of Earth at the Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings.

I have chosen allow you to vote only once for the whole season, rather than you being able to vote on each episode. This is because it is a single story with a single title. So it is more similar to a five part classic Doctor Who story, than a modern Torchwood or Doctor Who season.

Comic Relief: The Curse of Fatal Death now on Dynamic Rankings

I’ve updated the Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings site so you can now vote for The Curse of Fatal Death. After you have done that why not buy the show from iTunes and help raise money for Comic Relief.

Red Nose Day

Friday is Red Nose Day in the UK so remember to tune in (BBC 1 from 7pm) for “a special mini-edition of The Sarah Jane Adventures, in which Elisabeth Sladen and K9 are joined by comedy legend Ronnie Corbett.” Sounds fantastic!

Twitter Twitter

I’m finally getting into Twitter and I’m starting to prefer it to facebook. It cuts out all the hundreds of pointless apps and pokes and fan notices. Just the stuff you really want read. What your friends (and a few famous people) are up to.

I just wish I could find a decent always on App for my S60 mobile.

Maybe I will try adding my twitters to my blog site as well.

New RSS Feed Addresses

If you have subscribed to any of my RSS feeds, since updating WordPress (the system that runs my blog) these addresses have changed. Please update them to the following:

Blog RSS Feed –

Dynamic Rankings News Feed –

Mr first iPhone (well iPod Touch) WordPress Post!

I have finally managed to install and set up WordPress for iPhone on my iPod Touch. I’ve had it for a while but it always crashed after entering my blog details. I eventually tracked down the problem to illegal characters in the main pages template. If you have the same problem try checking your site at Expect more posts soon as I try it out further.