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Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings now shows two parters as one average

I have finally implemented the popular request of showing new series two part stories as single combined averages.

From the full results page you can choose to view the two parters as single averages or each episode separately.

This joint average certainly makes the all time top ten much more interesting. Currently there are only three classic stories in the top ten, and two stories from the latest series (Amy’s Choice and The Time of Angels/Flesh and Stone).

Vote on the latest Torchwood season

You can now vote on Torchwood Children Of Earth at the Doctor Who Dynamic Rankings.

I have chosen allow you to vote only once for the whole season, rather than you being able to vote on each episode. This is because it is a single story with a single title. So it is more similar to a five part classic Doctor Who story, than a modern Torchwood or Doctor Who season.